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We coordinate the following services

Front office
Customer Service Centre

Back office
Business Development
Create life
Internet Marketing
Traditional Marketing

Supply chain

Mellanrummet - coordinating Front OfficeMellanrummet - coordinating Back OfficeMellanrummet - coordinating Supply Chain

We drive development

Those who drive the development towards more profitable distance trading must have specialist expertise in all special segments. Mellanrummet has this expertise.

You can calmly devote all your attention to your core activities while we drive development of your distance trading. We ensure your focus is always on the target group.
Mellanrummet - coordinating distance trading

Profitable process and satisfied customers

Front Office and Supply Chain are closely linked with the unique and customer-oriented services provided through our Back Office.

In the Back Office, customer service is efficiently coordinated with administration, orders, purchases and stocks. The overall aim is an efficient and profitable process that gives you satisfied customers.
Mellanrummet - coordinating distance trading


Mellanrummet - do you have focus on your customers?