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Mellanrummet - improve the efficiency and profitability of your distance trading

Closer to customer with more profitable distance trading

Mellanrummet’s task is to improve the efficiency and profitability of your distance trading and increase customer focus. We do this by offering smart administrative solutions, combined with effective market communication.

Distance trading in the form of mail order or Internet shopping is a complicated process. Several important factors must interact if you are to build up a loyal customer base and a profitable business.
Mellanrummet - coordinating distance trading
Focus on what you do best
How do you optimally harmonise the different parts of your shop and maximise profitability whilst, at the same time, ensuring that customers leave your shop with smiles on their faces?

You do this by concentrating on your business concept and your core activities while we look after other aspects. For example, let us handle your distance trading and your business systems, boost your traffic, run customer service, as well as administer stocks and distribution. Naturally, you decide if you want us to manage the entire chain or just selected parts.
Mellanrummet - coordinating distance trading

  We specialise in total soultions for your peace of mind
It is easy to find a consultant who can identify problem areas that you should look at more closely, or propose a solution to a specific technical problem. But finding a consultant who takes responsibility for the total solution is not as easy.

Mellanrummet is here to make life simple for you.We can control the entire process from when the customer takes the first step. Everything from customer service, maintenance, technology, analysis, stocks/distribution and marketing communication, all the way through to final delivery to a customer who is one positive experience richer.

This frees you to concentrate all your energy on the business concept and the core activities that you want to focus on and develop.

Specialist functions
Project Manager
Technical Project Manager
Customer Service Manager
Business Development Manager
Art Director and Graphic Designer
Market Communication Manager
Stocks and Distribution Manager